Rich Eriksen's Mohawk Central

Rich Eriksen and I started working on his Mohawk Central late this summer. Most pics are of Dewitt Yard and of Admiral Abraham Yimitzki. Track still needs "lining and tamping" in places. We have the Digitrax installed and working well. Next step will be to install around 50 Tortoise switch machines. Also in store - laying track on the lower level which will loosely but functionally represent Selkirk Yard as well as a staging yard representing all points east and south of Selkirk and west of Dewitt.

Enjoy .......Chris RittnerMohawk Central Alco RS27'sMiddle of Dewitt Yard facing EastAbraham( Richie) surveys Guilderland Center

The "West End" of Dewitt Yard and "SJ Junction" - facing EastMiddle of Dewitt Yard - facing West towards the "Van Site"