The Great Train Extravaganza in Albany!

Rob Dennis Layout Update

Since the last update, I started on a different section of the layout. Logically to cover a hole in the backdrop I had planned all along to add the covered bridge in the corner, but to make it look right was another thing. So I dove into the project, starting at the hole in the wall to where the road crossing will be by the feed mill. This section is about 12 feet.

The station is a diorama I build in a Buffalo hotel room while working for the railroad out there. I fit into the space, it doesn't really go with the layout, but I like it, so it stays!

Starting some scenery around the bridge, I kitbashed this Walthers product.

A full yard, before the Albany show, seeing what's staying and what I'm going to sell.

 A 15 car coal train from the old layout, 100 ton cars from McKeen, needs work but will stay.

A converted Con Cor gon with a load of railroad scrap will stay too!

Enjoy, Rob D