Randy's Update

I have made some significant progress on my layout. Randy.


Desert Rat In The Snow

Bound for a warmer climate. Here we find EMD export GPL15T Just one of eight Standard Gauge units that are being built by Super Steel in Glenville, NY. Under contract by EMD for SNIM (Societe Nationale Industrielle et Miniere) a Iron Ore Mining Company based in the Sarhara Desert in Mauritania Africa. SNIM was known at one time for running one of the worlds longest and heaviest constantly running trains (1.8 Miles Long). SNIM single track 434 mile rail line links four Mines in the province of Tiris a desert area of Northern Mauritania to a harbor at Nouadhibou were the ore is shipped by ship. These units are going to be shipped out of the Port of Albany on completion of order. Look forward to seeing these hiding down by the dock. Enjoy......Taken 2/14/08 by Deano


West Waterford Update!

This is the only section of table that we saved from my old layout. The bridge is 522' long. 73' high. It was built with Northeast Scale lumber. The rails on the bridge are hand spiked. It took 100 hours to construct. Part of the bridge has a 32" radius.This is the beginning of the hump that I am constructing for my yard. I tried a number of different grads to determine which would be best. Cars rolling off of this hump will travels between 10' and 14'. The track on the hump is only temporary to test the turnouts. Once I have my rolling stock out I will have to work on the trucks and wheel sets.
The beginning of the railroad yard. Instead of using roadbed for each track, as I did on my last layout, I nailed down 1/4" plywood. The track crew glued down the ballast so it would be ready for the track. It is wide enough to contain 10 sidings.

Here the yard has most of the track installed. 4 tracks for the hump and 6 for storage. Thanks, Mark Oliviere.