"Inch At A Time" Chapter 14. Vulcan 0-4-0T

Can this be a continuation of my Vulcan fascination? Recall: Chap 11 "A 45T Vulcan Side-rod Diesel". I thought this one would be easier and simpler than that project but, once I got into it, things got a lot more challenging than my first glance led me to believe.
This model was inspired simply by seeing the B&W (attached) of a Vulcan 0-4-0T working for The Lehigh Valley Coal Co. in Dupont, PA. Never one to let things to chance as for detail, I looked at my 1940 Vulcan Catalog Bulletin No A-394 and all the pictures on the Vulcan site on Google. I even took a trip to Arkville to check out the Porter tank engine residing there. One can never have enough resource material. Many Vulcan built engines were virtually one-offs, so I felt comfortable building a model that borrowed from several sources. The photo I followed in doing my weathering is actually a 3' gauge engine, Glen Alden Coal Co. #2. Those familiar with the three engines used in "Wanamie" will see the kinship in this photo.

My Vulcan started as a Mantua 0-4-0T. I sent most of you the prototype, model starting point and progress photos earlier. If you check out an original Mantua model you'll easily see there was a lot of modification to do. I've included one shot of the conversion in it's "raw state"and another of the backhead as I imagined it might look.. This rebuild is way beyond the LNE 0-4-0T I did for Prototype Modeler in the late 70's. My skills and modeling demands have advanced but, so have the materials and adhesives available. I spent about three weeks picking at this project but, don't think work time alone. Think letting paint cure, and much time spent away from the worktable to enjoy our very nice Spring weather.

Way back in Chap 8 "The Gulliver Effect", I talked about modifying figures into more personalized poses. Notice here my latest "build-a-man" who serves as engineer. He started as a Preiser but, has endured head and arm changes to get the pose I wanted...
For the curious, I must mention my cost in doing the rebuild: A whopping $37.00! I admit to having all the materials used on hand even the brass castings. The only piece I needed was the MDC 2-8-0 Old Timer steam chest/cylinder casting. When I first emailed my thoughts about doing the project, I asked if anyone had the part. Allen Littlefield came through with one the next day. The Mantua engine seems to average about $40.00 in the aftermarket (ebay). By contrast, I checked out a couple Gem Models B&O Docksiders that came up while I was building my model: One went for $288.00 in unpainted brass and the other at $320.00 painted! If you want a special model it pays to be inspired, inventive and courageous....

Regards to all,
Wayne Snitter