More Old D&H

The Slate Picker switching the Back Half (track name) at the Cot Bed in Granville. Photo by Chris Lynch when he was 15 years old. Spring 1976

The engine is headed south, back to Whitehall. I can't imagine where the farm machinery goes unless it is a part load where something had been removed and now its on its way.

A check of my time book shows that we used these CP engines a lot in Feb. Mar and Apr of that year. I only show one trip on the Slate Picker, in that time period, and the engine numbers are different. I mostly worked Yard Master at that time. Fraz must have been training me, he failed!

Not sure of the date, early 90s probably, Saratoga Yard.

Engineer John Heman Keys St Luc Yard, Montreal, Que. Aug. 1991........John started Sept 1965, retired Feb 2009.
Thanks, Jim Lafayette....more to come!