Work Train

Rob Dennis on a work extra through Cresent, CPF 477. Tie gang headin to Whitehall on August 18th 2012.

Bill Kozel

Twin Junction

Not much work going on, on the SVRR, but there sure is lots of thinkin! This is sort of "The Plan"
I can't tell you how many hours I have into building the Munns O&W Station. Inspite of my best efforts, the slate roof is crooked. Maybe if I hadn't have said anything, you wouldn't have noticed. It ain't done yet.

The M of W area, at the north end of Skenesborough Yard, is coming along. I still need to plant some grass and trees and a crossing or two needs to get put in. It'll happen someday.

Jim LaFayette

Mine site clutter: You can never have enough!

The image of a Euclid passing the old shaft housing at Jeddo #7 8-86 and the desolation at the Huber with the struggling birches in 4-81. Now 30 years later, that area is an absolute forest. Reaching back to the subject of "Iceberg 13", I found another box car used for stores at the Blaschak breaker in 8-86.
I haven't done a chaper of my "Inch At A Time" series on extreme layout detailing since #9 in November. I've got a few hundred more pieces of "junk" made up and ready to add to the mining areas on the layout. Once I get them in place I may do #10.
As for Chuck's book: When doing the layout and captions he often described the pictures as "bottom of the birdcage", colorful terms but, while I photographed many of the areas myself there were a lot of earlier photographers that were out there trespassing too. There are quite a few great images going back to the late 40's and 50's, many of the which I consider priceless. Thanks for putting them in one place for us Chuck.

Hope you enjoy,

Wayne Sittner

More Saratoga & North Creek

First run to Bartons (around mp NC 6), #5 just north of the southern route 28 grade crossing.

 # 5 coming around the curve to Ordways crossing.

 NL sign in the woods next to the tracks.

 Bill Bibby waiting for #5.
 #5 crossing longer bridge a bit farther north.

#5 going north over one of the crossings that crews have dug out in the last few weeks.

In North Creek, the SLRG 518 to the right, SNC 5 then the passenger train on the station track.
Look who's come out to play! SNC 821 all cleaned up and the front stripes have been fixed. Gonna see some service soon.

Brad Peterson


Saratoga & North Creek August 8, 2012

I had to stay on the 8524 to get the train out of the way then spot it for our departure.  That's Ed Ellis on the caboose....
Brad Peterson

Station in Slingerlands

A month ago I was driving through Slingerlands and had “Albany Main” on the brain. I took a swing over to check out the old Station in Slingerlands. Attached are two photos of it. Circa 2012 and Circa 1995. It’s a lot nicer than it was in 1995 and has been lovingly restored as you can see in the picture. The train that is seen in the pic was the celebration train to abandon from Voorheesville to Delanson. Well as you all know from my previous emails the only abandonment would happen five years later and it would be the section of railroad this train is sitting on.

Dean J. Splittgerber
Duanesburg, NY

Fort Edward Freight House

During my return from Plattsburgh I stopped in Fort Edward to do some snooping around the old 1880's built freight house which amazingly still survives.....Thanks to a confirmation of its existence by Rob Dennis I was rewarded with some pics to share. I gotta say I am a sucker for old Board and Batten Freight Houses especially those built in the 1800's. God only knows how much longer this one has. If it still survives by fall I am looking forward to making another trip over to document it when all the vegetation has dyed down. Its interesting to note the differences in freight houses that were located on the A&S versus the north end. The Battens on A&S freight houses are square, if you look at the Battens on a North end freight house there kind of ornamental like crown molding. The same goes for the rafters on the underside of the roofs. You don't see that on A&S style freight houses but there is Gingerbread molding along the roof line. Fort Edward yard looked pretty busy from the view I had from the freight house. Two CSX Ge's were waiting for a loaded Sludge train while one of the Finger Lakes GE's was switching around in the GE Dewatering facility. A ratty CP Geep was parked in the yard. As I was leaving #253 was coming north.

Dean J. Splittgerber
Duanesburg, NY