Toys For Tots 2012

Another successful year for the D&H Toys For Tots train running from Albany to Rouses Pt, NY. This year we used Amtrak equipment, VTR and NS equipment was tied up for Sandy Relief efforts, So Amtrak came through for us! The Train was dedicated to Amy Seyboth killed in action in Iraq 2009, her father is an Amtrak conductor.

 D&H 7312 posing in Saratoga, sunny in the 40's

The conductor and his helper in Saratoga

 North through Greenfield

Hudson-Berkshire Divsion of the NMRA donates train sets every year to this cause. A Marine hands out a set at Port Henry.

 Santa and a happy customer!

Amtrak 69 passes us in Wadham's.

Rob Dennis

Speed Restriction

"Boiler Buster" Keys, the engineer on SV-20, was not very happy when he went by the Twin Junction Station today. When the hind end got up to the station we can see why.

The inclusion of the scale test car, ahead of the caboose, restricts the speed to 30 MPH by time table directive.The spaghetti and beer at Armonds, in Rouses Point, will have to be delayed for awhile.
Jim LaFayette

"Inch At A Time" Chap. 13 O&W Inevitable

It had to happen sooner or later: The O&W stuff sees the light after a slumber dating back to 1990. I've had the layout set up for D&H and LV (1960) since last spring and I just needed a change. I haven't been into model building of late and spending a day changing things out helped keep me connected to the hobby. What you're viewing is my 1955 scenario. I'd love to get out all my O&W steam power for a WWII set-up but, I don't have anywhere near enough vehicles for that time period. I need a minimum of sixty and can only count half that number as usable. Sylan has what I need and I have built a few. It takes a real commitment do do them. I think I'm only good for one or 2 a year. I hope Classic Metal Works takes my survey response to heart.

I won't be sending out another "Chapter" before Christmas and New Year's. So, I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the Holiday's


Wayne Sittner

CP Holiday Train 2012

 Whitehall, north of CPC 77

 Ft Ti siding passing Amtrak 68, Santa doing his thing..

Outside Port Henry, we parked the train on the Isthmus for photos to kill time.

Great night shot at Plattsburgh
Tina and I at Whitehall, 20 degrees....Thanks to Nick Wilson for the photos!