Last night I celebrated!

Please enjoy the attached photo. Last night I celebrated! CP contributed to the festivities by running 252 out of Rouses Point after one thirty a.m. Knowing the lakeside bar in Plattsburgh was closed on Wed., I happily set up within the friendly confines of the station here to record 252s appearance. Translated into; no college kids under the influence walking past the lighting and making a scene. The celebration? What happened? Long time list members will recall the night photo shoot and interview of me by the highly acclaimed railroading journalist Karl Zimmerman, back in mid-October last fall. We were up at "the castle" in Lacolle. I mentioned to the list members to be looking for the resulting article in an upcoming issue of TRAINS. Karls write-up from that night will be published featuring my night photos in the Sept. TRAINS! Wait till you folks see the grand treatment my night photos received! And the writing of Karl Zimmerman! Ever want to go out with me and do one of these set-ups at night? Karls writing brings you that experience, he's the best! Shooting the last of steam in Quebec at night in the late fifties and early sixties, Karl is certainly no stranger to the night photo. Get this issue! For the few who do not have a subscription: https://secure.kalmbach.com/Offer/default.aspx?c=ITRN08

So join a glowing Gary here at Plattsburgh, after I've exchanged e-mails with TRAINS associate editor Kathi Kube and viewed the feature article earlier in the evening. It's t shirt weather, (rare) no wind, the lighting all set-up as the talking detector perhaps seven miles north of town announces the passage of 252. The Zeiss ZF 100/2 lens prefocused manually, on the 5D, in the familiar position on tripod with me atop the stepladder waiting. With a backdrop such as Plattsburghs ex-D&H Station, well........let's agree I have a lot to be grateful for these days! Even the NS power appearring on the 930/931 trains looks "good" here! But CP comes through with one of their own tonight, and as many times as I have shot this scene, it's still easy to underestimate 252s closing speed, there's no hesitating when the moment comes tonight! Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed. Please enjoy Karls article in the Sept. issue of TRAINS, you all will recognize moments we have shared in the past!

All The Best In 2008;


This photo, shot on Sept. 10, 2006, benefits from being reprocessed with the new software from NIK. See what you think. It is difficult to believe it's been a year and three quarters since I visited this spot. As you might imagine I remember the two nights spent here well. Approaching westbounds headlights cause the abandoned bore to the left to glow with a ghostly yellowish light, adding to the pitch dark atmosphere in here during the middle of the night! The curved tunnel is long enough to amplify the roar of the locomotives inside before their headlights are seen as well. "Many" eastbounds had passed by me earlier in the evening here, and I suspect any westbounds they encountered later were made aware of my being set-up here awaiting their appearance at the west portal. Another very dramatic location at night, I have to get back down here this year! For those list members who are stangers to this area, State Line Tunnel is located in New York, close to the Massachusetts state line, with Canaan Center, NY being the closest town. Roughly forty five miles east of Albany. Shot at 01:58 on Sept. 10. 2006 with the 5D and Canons 100/1 lens set at f2.8. Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed.

All The Best in 2008;


Lighting Stripe on the B&M

D&H 7312 heading out of the Battenkill RR interchange onto the B&M, on a rare daylight run!

The blue and grey beauty ducks under the highway bridge in Valley Falls, NY.

Thanks Cully!