Saratoga County Fairgrounds Caboose Update

Work continues on the Operation Lifesaver caboose at the Saratoga County fairgrounds.
The stencils are orginal D&H from the Oneonta car shops, courtesy of the Cooperstown Railway Historical Society.
The entrance......

Painting handrails......

Old D&H cast iron "No Tresspassing Sign"


Visiting With Point Of Rocks

The night of April 25th was an opportunity for a happy reunion for me with Point Of Rocks Station. What a backdrop for shooting passing trains! Plus, I have the Zeiss 100/2 with me, being employed for the first time photographing this location. The incredible lens certainly delivers the goods on this spring evening, well actually it's very early morning when the shot is taken. You can zoom into the cab and read the engineers and conductors faces quite clearly as their locomotive enters into the photo at maybe thirty mph! For those who have never visited this historic B&O location, the picturesque station presents problems photographically, as two double track mains combine here into the double track main heading west toward Cumberland,MD. In our view here the other pair of tracks is off to the immediate left. This track arrangement results in signals and masts literally all over the place, making it difficult to obtain a clear view of the station with passing trains. The same signals provide helpful warning of approaching westbounds, which come in quietly, you hear the low rumble of train noise before you hear the locomotives light whine, ah drifting slowly along you think........until they come into sight in this curve which leads them up past you! Looking through the 5D viewfinder, the cab entering into the scene is imposing even against the large station. Knowing where I have prefocused for......"don't let them go into that window", I press the shutter release and the viewfinder goes black due to the mirror being up while the flash units fire. As the crew passes me though, I'm all smiles, having glanced at the image on the lcd monitor, I give them a happy wave from the stepladder. Clean power! Gratitude is an emotion which arrives often during this trip. Shot on April 25, 2009 at 04:07 with the 5D and Zeiss ZF 100/2 (Nikon) set at f2. Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed.

All The Best in 2009;


SVRR Alco's!

What little money the SVRR had available went into electrical upgrades and weather stripping to keep the cab heaters running and the drafts to a minimum. Public image is not a factor. If it were we'd still be running passenger trains. Anyway, the guy who would run the wash rack got furloughed last month.


Saratoga County Fairgrounds Caboose

What a difference a little paint makes. Doors are on and windows next, guess they will only let people peek in windows this year and have it up and running 2010--hope things are going well on your jobs!

Regards Gene