Stranger In The Kingdom

Tonight we visit the quintessential Vermont village, South Royalton, along the NECR main line. Apart from the early summer like temps this first week of April, (an illusion we Vermonters were quickly rescued from the following weeks) the highlight for me was finding one of the pair of newly transplanted Florida East Coast engines leading for the first time south on 324! You see, upon arriving up here from Florida, it was discovered both units lacked cab heaters! But, on the plus side, they were equipped with air conditioned cabs for that day in July when its too hot up here! Ha,ha,ha! NECR evaluated the units and decided to install the cab heaters! Believe me, I did a double take upon hearing the NECR dispatcher calling this unit on 324 tonight. Talk about out of the blue! Or out of the darkness, in my case! South Royalton seemed to be a natural spot to catch this "Stranger in the Kingdom" of New England. Love that church. Imagine the winter photos to come of this unit in snowstorms. LOL! The lighting set up went smoothly, after all, I've had practice here in the past! NECR engineer Nate Cobb did a fine run-by, at a steady speed. Thanks Nate for being here! In the past it has been super quiet here at night, allowing me to hear 324 twenty minutes away to the north, but not tonight. The fog you know? I'm listening..........listening.........atop the stepladder, then after forty five minutes I get down and wander around the thing, the loudly splashing brook behind me dominating my hearing. After a few minutes more, success comes suddenly, 324 is in town whistling for crossings above me! The added elevation of the ladder makes all the difference as FEC 437 comes out from between the freight house and station and past the set-up! Certainly looking out of place here! Imagine this with snow! Ha,ha,ha! SHot on April 2, 2010 at 04:44 with the 5D and Zeiss 28/2 lens set at f2. Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed.

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NE-1 at Altamont

SMS Local NE-1 is seen passing the Village of Altamont’s Historic 1897 D&H Depot as it trundles back to the Northeastern Industrial Park with a mixed consist of paper, plastic pellets (For a New Company in the Park) and Ford products on a day that would set a new record high for April (87 Degrees) in New York’s Capital District. The previous Record was set in 1991 when the D&H was still around and running an occasional grain train and some local traffic to the Park over the Albany Main. The Station in the background is currently in the process of being refurbished by the Altamont Free Library as there new home.

Dean J. Splittgerber


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