Bob Platel's D&H in N Scale

My layout is a 8 foot by 16 inches model of Cohoes, NY. The right end has the bridge over the Mohawk River, my first kit bash attempt. (What do you think?) I plan to add another eight foot section on the left end to include Mohawk Paper & Norlite. In the future I hope to use these sections in a larger layout that depicts the D&H from the Port of Albany to Mechanicville in the late 70's. I use Digitrax DCC for my control system. I will sent more pictures as I get structures and scenery added.

Local SC-32 waiting at Cohoes siding for south bound freight.

Southbound freight crossing Mohawk River at Cohoes, Rte 4 in the foreground.

SD-45s leading southbound across Mohawk River Bridge.

Looking north you see the local & a southbound at Cohoes.

Boxcars spotted at Cohoes freight house (white rectangle) for unloading.

Hoppers waiting to be unloaded at future site of Wertime Trestle.


Anonymous said...

is that the rico station?
nice bridge!

Anonymous said...

For the longest time I have been
searching the web for anything D&H.
Don"t know why I never found this till now. What a great web page.
Bob Hedgeman
D&H Railfan