The C.R.O.C.K.S.

Here's some shots of on-going progress on the caboose- the C.R.O.C.K.S. (Citizens Restoring Our Caboose at King's Station) have been putting in a lot of hours. The siding is all up,and 4 windows have been built in place on the long sides.

I've been grinding scale rust away from the metal parts, and hope to get the cupola windows operational this month. The red is just a primer.

I'll be going to the Cooperstown and Charlotteville to get stencils saved from the Oneonta roundhouse for the logos.


hobo Lee said...

Caboose at Kings;I was up there two weeks ago and it looks great.Even the picnic table was painted the same color as the cummie.The volunteers did a wonderful job and deserve a lot of thanks

Gino said...

I too saw the caboose a few weeks ago. Wow, she looks great...