Summer Vacation Series- Bob Chase

I did a little railfanning over at Bob Chase's B&A last week. Above shiny new C-Liners wait by an interlocking.

An old workhorse is spotting a car at the freight house.

A couple of Alco's chug up hill above the little town of Roberts Bank.

A long freight headed by a Geep 30, glides downhill under tale tails near the town of Onderdonk.

Onto to the new stuff, above the work bench, a new industrial area will be built.

Wrapping around the walls 18" deep above the work benches a main and passing siding will head to hidden and open staging.

In the east corner tracks will pass through the wall into hidden staging and branch off to the open staging yard to the left.

We see the open staging yard, behind the door to the train room. Bob moved the display cabinets under the bench work.

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