This summer on the K&SA.

At the beginning of the year, the end of track was at MP 2.44 (miles measured in 88 ft increments) with the roadbed in its early stages to MP 5 which is at the edge of the driveway. During the first two work days of the year(May and June), we were waiting for rail to be delivered so we worked diligently on finishing the roadbed to MP 5 and doing needed maintenance on the line. The original crossing into the backyard was relocated and smaller jobs were completed up and down the right of way. July 12 was the big work day since I had gone to MA and picked up enough rail to build 250 feet of track and we had the roadbed to build it on. We had also cut and laid out enough ties so the only thing the crew had to do was put the rails together and start spiking. Until July all the work days we'd had have been in incredible weather and this day saw us lay track to just beyond MP 4 (just about 145 ft). We may have been able to get more track assembled that day but one crew was also dumping stone so this new track was finished and ready to ride on by the end of the day.

I hadn't planned on any meet for August since I was having surgery on my shoulder and would be in a sling during most of the month. My "crew" convinced me to have one anyway since they wanted to work (I could supervise). August 9th we had the 'big' meet. The big project was to build the crossing across the driveway. First the track between MP 4 and MP 5 had to be finished to ensure the final alignment of the crossing. We had two crews working, one was digging out the driveway and getting the crossing prepared and the other was spiking track. This meet was almost a washout, there was a light rain all day but my crew kept at it even into the darkness under a tent to finish the crossing under my vans headlights.

Brad Peterson

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