Sherman? Sherman is that you?

Entering Cambridge, NY two mornings back after the two hour plus drive down from the compound, it appeared to be just another grand upstate New York village. No one was out at two a.m., (what a surprise, eh?) even the town police cruiser was parked outside the darkened office, giving an indication of how much was going on 'round town. To any travelers passing through, Cambridge was just another place to go through to get somewhere more important. On this night though, appearances deceive. Tonight, Cambridge is included in a tiny, elite group of towns in North America which include an operable ALCO RS-3 among the towns attributes. Turning right off from Rte. 22 in the center of Cambridge, down the street the tracks of the Battenkill Railroad appear. I am looking for Sherman, Sherman De Ragon to be precise. Perhaps better known as Battenkill 4116, which is named for Sherman De Ragon. Turning right again to drive down past the photogenic ex-D&H station, even though I am looking for Sherman, I don't see him until I catch a glimpse of the trademark curved high short hood in the darkness beyond the building at the last second driving by! Sherman?.......Sherman? Is that you!? Smiling to myself as I turn the Civic around, I'm reminding myself, you could not make this up Gary! An as built ALCO RS-3, overnighting near the Cambridge Station, surrounded by darkness. "Shall we?", I think as I pop the trunk release, revealing the lighting equipment waiting to perform. Its a beautiful night for night photos, warm for us, with a light rain falling. In setting up the lights and moving them trackside, only one neighbor stirs, to drive off in his pickup. He returns to park in his driveway across the street from where I am unloading the trunk, and I see him out of the corner of my eye start to approach me. As I turn towards him, he starts repeating "I'm a good guy........I'm a good guy...." I nod towards him smiling, introduce myself and we have a short conversation which ends with the man telling me to "knock yourself out" smiling in response to learning what I am up to at that hour, in the rain. As he turns to cross the street to his house, I turn towards the station with more lights. Its like stepping into the nineteen fifties! Circumstances combined to create this opportunity, the Battenkill job was already enroute from the enginehouse in Greenwich, NY to interchange with CPRails' D&H and Pan Am in Eagle Bridge when the D&H called to inform that the job coming over from Saratoga was cancelled for that night, due to lack of power or crew. So the decision was made to overnight in Cambridge and start out for Eagle Bridge the following day. This was the first time I had shot an RS-3 at night! What a contrast from the sharp angular lines of modern power. As with many of my night photos, this one is a result of a helpfull tip from a list member. Special thanks to John "Cully" Culligan! Shot on May 19, 2010 at 04:09. Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed.

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