Jim Brooks's D&H

The station is constructed of Evergreen styrene, the window frames and the entry door are commercial products but the freight doors and phonebox are scratchbuilt, the roof is from clevermodels and is a printout on cardstock glued to the styrene roof. I modeled the station roughly as it stood in 1979. I still need to add the electric meter and the "FOR RENT" sign on the south side of the structure. I'am currently working on building the rest of the structures in Thompson, Pa and plan to build the entire scene to be incorporated in a future layout.

The Spreader is a Walthers kit, I did not build or paint this one but I decaled, detailed and weathered it, I tried to weather it to match the picture on pg 114 of the D&H color guide(yellow book). I have a second one that I will be building and plan to super detail it with air and hydr lines as well as some specific D&H details and it will be a red one which is also on the same page of the color guide.

The Hi-wide is mounted on a Walthers HD depressed center flat with GE reporting marks, the load itself is actually a hollow box constructed from balsa wood and is resting on 3 short sections of I-Beams, I used some styrene angle pieces to make the brackets that are welded to the car to hold the load in place. The load is not glued to the car and can be removed in 1 piece, the GE logo on the box is where I used some modelers license but I thought it was a nice touch.

Jim Brooks

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