Beltrami Enterprises

I haven't done one of these since August 1st! It's really only in the last couple weeks that I've gotten back to do a little modeling. Thanks to Irene and Lee I've been "enjoying" outdoor mode since Aug 28th.
Some of you are wondering what this is all about? If you're new, it's because you're new to my contacts list. If you received other chapters only sporadically, it's because you responded to earlier emails sporadically. I misplaced my original list of who I've been sending these to so Chap. 9 is a restart...
The idea of sending the "Chapters" began when I was getting progress reports from Mike Confalone, Randy Laframboise, Jim Dufour and Mike Rose as they were making progress several linear feet at a time on their layouts. My progress is in inches, hence.....

This little scene was inspired by the "office" at the stone quarry in Gunnison, CO. It's named Quinn's Quarry for my oldest grand-daughter. I started picking at the models that are in the scene back in July when I did the trailer using one by CMW as a beginning point. The VW camper bus was next. This required major rebuilding to the VW Samba bus by High Speed. The prototype is the one my daughter and son-in-law still use. Notice the National Parks stickers on the rear. The third piece was the Portable. That model came back from the NMRA National in CA, thanks to Blair Davies sharp eye. Finally I built up the little bits of detritus for the front of the storage/office trailer yesterday AM. I'm using the model in an era change to my Wanamie Mine scene of the 50's. I (temporarilty) removed the loading conveyor from my 50's scenario. That's the structure that transfers coal from the narrow gauge 4 and 6 ton mine jimmies to standard gauge 50T twins. The new model scene represents the area after the narrow gauge operation shut down in 1968 and the property was taken over by Beltrami Enterprises (a strip mining operation). As with the entire layout everything is interchangable as to railroad depicted and era represented.

Regards to you all,

Wayne Sittner

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