Tip Of The Iceberg

The selection this time is again eclectic. I'm trying to include something of interest for what's probably a wide range of tastes and interests:
The Mack B62 with the tank attached was a mystery for many years. When I saw it at the Loree Colliery (Larksville, PA 4/86) in company with open trailers and dump body trucks I thought it out of place. Finally one of my friends who lived by the Harry E. breaker in Swoyersville informed me that the trucks were used to water down the fine coal dust around the mine sites during hot/dry spells in the summer. Before gas and electric clothes dryers everyone hung their wash outdoors and that grit in the air made things a real bother. Thoughtful move on the part of the coal companies.

I encountered the yellow stop sign in Hawley, PA 7/83. (Remember these? Too bad cause that makes you OLD!) I believe the trip to Hawley focused on checking out the Lackawaxen & Stourbridge RR. The sign was a real find and something quite special even back then. I remember them as being common in the '50's then disappearing, seemingly over a very short period.

Awhile back there was a very informative thread going on Divco delivery trucks. I sent a few scans that I had but, this one wasn't included. I came across Krob's Dairy in Lansing, OH 7/86. I remember home delivery of milk into the 70's up here in Kingston, NY. There were actually at least three local dairies still operating (now only one) but they were using Grumman's. The Divco's were a memory from the 50's. Krob's had three at the dairy when I visited. This one is being emptied after deliveries were complete. They were still using glass bottles too.

Great Bend, PA 4/81 Post Office. What a classic in every way. I came across this little town and it's wonderful brick front stores while on a trip to follow the old DL&W line between Scranton and Binghamton. This is in the area of Hallstead.

Hope you find some useful and enjoyable in this little set.

Wayne Sittner

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