Tip Of The Iceberg 8

The three sawmill images were from slides I took in 1972 at Jess Elliot's Sawmill. This was located in Modena, NY. While they cut large beams for post and beam construction the specialty was hardwoods: You could get Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut cut to order. There was even Wormy Chestnut to be had. As long as it was available I used for making picture frames. Our cutting board, to this day, is a slab of Walnut (10X14X2") I got there. The operation was powered by a gas engine with leather belts connecting to the blades. Make what you will of the safety issues back then.

I make no pretense to being a serious railfan photographer (I haven't the patience, or the stamina) but, given the years and the time spent trackside I have come up with a lot of favorites. These were all shot close to home on the East Side of the Hudson;
Amtrak Turbo 154 SB at the Poughkeepsie station 12-81. A bit more snow than this past Winter.

Metro North E8 495 SB at Poughkeepsie 3-84. Impatience I said!. I was losing sun and just stopped the car on the overpass south of the station to make this grab shot. Thankfully there was no traffic behind me.

Amtrak F40PH NB at Rhinecliff 8-81. Our old Kingston house appears in the string of houses on the opposite side of the Hudson.

Hope you all find something enjoyable.

Wayne Sittner

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