45 Ton Vulcan

All the previous "Inch" chapters have dealt with accurately observing the scenic aspects of the world I model and duplicating them as faithfully as possible. This time I'd like to present something a bit different; My just completed model of a Vulcan 45T side-rod diesel. There was I time I was doing a lot more locomotive building but, with time, I've reached a saturation point. It now seems like I come up with these little projects only once every few years. 
 I won't get into all the factors that tipped me to building this model but, I will admit there is a bit of personal history involving Vulcan. I grew up within easy walking distance of the Vulcan factory in Wilkes-Barre, my aunt and uncle Shaffer lived within sight of the plant and my grand-father Sittner worked at Vulcan for a while in the drafting department.
My model is based on a prototype that resided as a display at the CNJ Station Resturant complex in Wilkes Barre. (picture provided) I only took a few slides and never did make any measurements. I also include an image from the 1940 Vulcan catalog. Vulcan didn't build many diesels. Records vary but, from 1938-1954 only 51 or 54 (depending on source)were built from 25T to 70T in size. Vulcan advertized that they built to suit a customers individual needs. This meant most were one-off's. With little in the way of standardization Vulcan was an extremely minor player in the manufacture of, even small, diesels.
While many Vulcan steam locomotives and electric motors were employed in the mining of anthracite I don't know of any diesels that were used. My model is strictly a "what if" some independent had one. The purposely indistinguishable logo on the cab is for my Glen Dale Coal Co. I provide pictures of the finished model working the breaker and passing the miners "patch".
The model is built on a Bachmann GE 45T mechanism. Without drawings, and working only from my pictures, this is as close to prototype as I could manage but, not a dead ringer. An artists license! Even though it has the same basic profile as the Bachmann GE, everything above the trucks has either been rebuilt or scratchbuilt. I include two in progress images for comparison. Time involved was about 30 hours!
 Hope you enjoy.
Wayne Sittner

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