"Inch At A Time" Chap. 13 O&W Inevitable

It had to happen sooner or later: The O&W stuff sees the light after a slumber dating back to 1990. I've had the layout set up for D&H and LV (1960) since last spring and I just needed a change. I haven't been into model building of late and spending a day changing things out helped keep me connected to the hobby. What you're viewing is my 1955 scenario. I'd love to get out all my O&W steam power for a WWII set-up but, I don't have anywhere near enough vehicles for that time period. I need a minimum of sixty and can only count half that number as usable. Sylan has what I need and I have built a few. It takes a real commitment do do them. I think I'm only good for one or 2 a year. I hope Classic Metal Works takes my survey response to heart.

I won't be sending out another "Chapter" before Christmas and New Year's. So, I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the Holiday's


Wayne Sittner

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