Amtrak Port Henry

You know, while recovering horizontally in the hospital, I had lots of time to mentally revisit favorite photo locations and trains from the past. I used these memories as motivation to get a nurse, with a walker at first, to walk several laps with me in the hallway once or twice a night until I could walk on my own. I never thought my first night photo being sent out to the list would be of an Amtrak Genesis II, ha,ha,ha! But..........this is a rare occurrence , as Amtrak’s Adirondack trains only operate in the middle of the day here on the old D&H North End. Learning the train was waiting for a relief crew further north at Plattsburgh, it became apparent problems north of the border caused this photo op. The trains terminal is thirty miles or so away from Plattsburgh in Montreal! For my part, I had a supper date that fell apart at the last minute with friends, and we all know how that works with trains! Make definite plans to be somewhere or do something with friends a certain day or night and that will be the time the unusual move occurs on the railroad! LOL! Tonight was no exception. Back home eating breakfast, my contribution to the supper plans, the chicken pot pie, put away for another night, I get phone calls from Richard Wingler alerting me to Amtrak running very late! Port Henry is forty miles away. While I finish washing the dishes I conclude, I’ve shot everything else at Port Henry, why not a Genesis engine.......grimacing. With lots of time to drive over as Amtrak 68 waits for two northbound freights, comes plenty of time to enjoy setting up the lighting contributing to the attached photo. Amtrak 68, the Adirondack, southbound at Port Henry at night. This never happens! Special thanks to Richard Wingler & Wally Day for their help. Shot at 23:37 on February 22, 2013 in Port Henry, NY. Please enjoy the first of many!

All The Best In 2013;
Gary Knapp

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