Randolph Coal & Ice shed

It is a wonderful experience, visiting favorite night photo locations for the first time since my operation/hospital stay! I had not been motivated to visit the NECR since getting back home due to their new call times for 324/323, which were six hrs. later than their previous times. This put them in daylight for much of the run. This week, I learned the call times for 324/323 have been changed back to the old times! Talk about a gift! Tonight, upon confirming 324 had a good leader, SD 40-2 721, I drove down to Randolph and happily found the Randolph Coal & Ice shed, (a modelers delight!) had survived the winter in fine condition for a structure of its age. A survivor from the steam era on NECR predecessor Central Vermont Railway, the photogenic building witnessed New Englands largest steam locomotives, the CV 2-10-4s passing by. I’m on cloud nine being able to visit favorite night photo locations such as exists here, once again.
Spring arriving in Vermont always seems to be viewed with a mix of skepticism and good humor, LOL! Tonight temps are a good indicator as to why. While I was here in Randolph, the temp was 23 and the wind chill................10. The soon to be retired for the season down parka is still useful in April! As is the rest of my “depths of winter” clothing. I do remember it is a lot more fun to be warmer than I would like rather than slightly colder! Standing atop the stepladder, waiting and then hearing 324 blowing for crossings north of town, maybe five to ten minutes out..............it is euphoric to be back here! Shot in Randolph, Vermont on April 4, 2013 at 02:25 with the 5D and Nikkor 14-24/2.8 lens set at 21mm. Please enjoy!

All The Best In 2013;
Gary Knapp

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