How much would you pay to take a ride on a time machine?

How much would you pay to take a ride on a time machine? I hope these attached photos give you an idea of my ride just this Saturday! I took about 90 ghotos all told.

Our Wyoming Valley group met at 08:30 for a three hour guided tour of this anthracite breaker operation in Laflin. It's one of only 2 left in the Wyoming Valley. The other operation (a bit larger and much more formal) is in nearby Pittston. The run of mine coal that's processed here comes down from Carbondale. You can pick a load up yourself or have it delivered in one of a fleet of trucks. There's no provision for bag coal as is still done at Blaschak in Mahanoy City.

This breaker is a perfect size for those who might model such things. It has everything contained on a site I judge to be no bigger than 8 acres.

On Sunday our Wyoming Valley (rail) Historians Group and a few selected invitees had an all day charter to ride behind the last engine in original LV paint.
The time machine ride continues! We arrived a bit before 11:00 AM and were treated like royalty by Scott (112's owner) and his crew. There was a bit of switching to do along the line and there were had several photo run-by's on the out and back. I took another 90 + photos on the day which finally ended for me at about 6:0PM.

I hope you enjoy me sharing my good fortune. It'll be tough to come up with a scenario of equal value next year!

Best to all,
Wayne Sittner

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