What I did on my Summer Vacation By William Gill

On the first night of spring, I went out to shoot an empty ethanol on the Green Mountain Railroad. I spent the night wrapped in a tarp on the bank of the Black River and watched it snow from my seat atop a huge block of ice. Spring came late this year. It seemed to follow that summer would come late as well. The first half of the summer was rainy in Troy, NY. I got my hopes up when the rain stopped only to find that inches upon inches were falling in Vermont - which was hosting three trains a night on the New England Central. Equal doses of good and bad at the same time. By the time Vermont dried out and warmed up, the slightly-longer-than-twevel hour cycle had rotated around a bit and photos were pouring in of the NECR running in summery daylight. Ugh!
At this point, I remembered what one does when it rains: model. Before the rain stopped, I brought my two GP38s (both of D&H heritage) up to 80% complete. They will join last year's caboose on the yet-to-be built Troy Industrial track. http://thursdaynightrr.blogspot.com/2013/07/getting-there.html, http://thursdaynightrr.blogspot.com/2012/07/sc-1s-caboose.html

Having done a winter's worth of modeling (at the speed that my skill allows) it was OK to return to night photography. Vermont Rail System turned in their (impossible-to-photograph-at-night) SD90s and picked up some photo-friendly GP38s leasers for use on their C&P/Rutland-Whitehall job. Pan Am's West end has stayed busy at night this summer and the NECR schedule currently includes two trains at night on the Palmer Sub. Perhaps the highlight of the summer was spending a day at the Valley Railroad shooting in their shop as steam experts preserved their motive power. After dark, there was an opportunity to pick up a shot or two while Chinese built no. 3025 still had a small head of steam built up.
The summer started slow but turned out to be a productive hobby season that isn't quite over yet, even if I'm starting to see a few trees changing color already. And over at Trains at Night, I'm getting ready for a nice dark fall. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trains-at-Night/345949272176965


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