Here are some pics from the October 3rd trip of the NS OCS up CP's A&S. I initially didn't plan of doing anything with the train but with up to the minute texts from "Brian" (Thanks You Again!!!) as I was pulling out of the driveway and really nice weather I said "Ah What The Heck". After a quick stop at Stewarts at 20 and 30 for coffee I followed the ROW from 503 to Gage Road. When I arrived there were a few fellow fans already there who were very well behaved. After about an hours wait the NS OCS came north on its way to Mechanicville. I then left and headed to Colonie. Once I again I was texted around 1:30 that that OCS's power was running around its train so i decided to again head back to Gage Road and do a from the field shot. Around 5:30 the OCS showed up again deadheading south for home. I didn't bother following the train as weather pretty much went to potts again after the train passed. Nice to see some class again on a railroad with not much class left.

Dean J. Splittgerber, Duanesburg, NY

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