Paul Hoffman's ATSF’s Albuquerque Division

The CCARM layout is a triple level design that approximates the ATSF’s Albuquerque Division running from Gallup, New Mexico to Ash Fork, Arizona sometime in the late 1960s. As one might imagine (especially if onechecks via Google Earth) this is an arid southwest landscape covering about 240 miles. Paul chose this area because he likes it and it readily coveys the image of a long train running through the countryside. The overallconcept is to have a layout that runs well and is pleasing to look at while including several scenes of high detailand having some operational variety to keep up interest. Gallup, NM has a large natural gas refinery and Ash Fork has a branch line from a mining operation; this layout is not point-to-point, however, but designed for continuous operation.

 Bert inside the "water tank" helix

The main line is approximately 60% complete, including a unique 9 turn double tracked helix that travels from the lower of the 3 decks to the upper staging yards. From the Form 19 The Official Newsletter of the Hudson-Berkshire Division of the NER-NMRA. Pics by Rob Dennis

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