"Tip Of The Iceberg" Chap. 14 10/24/14‏

After almost a week of cold, wet, windy weather yesterday turned out just right for a photo recon. trip.  I decided to go to the upper reaches of Delaware County to check out towns and villages (and subjects I may have missed in past years) along the long gone Ulster and Delaware RR.  My first stop however was Bovina Center, a town not reached by the U&D.  What a find!  I can't believe I passed it by all these years while traveling Rt 28 to get to the D&H in Oneonta.  What I discovered was, literally, a time capsule with a delightful area resident to give a history and allow access to the intact creamery in the village. Photo 1 is a barn right on Rt 10 (the Main St,) in Hobart.

The rest of the drive took in the towns of Bloomville, South Kortright, Hobart, Stamford, and Grand Gorge.  I found subjects worthy of photographs everywhere.  (84 all told)   And the weather couldn't have been more accommodating, hazy sun that allowed me to take images in all directions with no loss of detail due to strong light and shadow.  
 Here are two of the several auto repair shops I found; these were in Hobart.

 The old store was neat too

Photos of the famous creamery in Bloomville (also Rt 10).  
Note:  Delaware County's land mass is (probably 50% farms with 70% of the population involved in farming (my calculations).
Enjoy,  they're out there still.
Wayne Sittner

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