Tree Modeling

If you've been keeping up with the sporadic "chapters"  you know I'm a stickler for trying to accurately portray the scenery found in the Northeast.  While I make no claims to being a botanist, I am an observer of nature.  That said - there's a wide variety of tree species that CAN'T be modeled with "Super Trees" alone.  So far I've found ways to successfully portray Oaks, Maples, Pine, Hemlock, and Birch (among others) but Sycamores escaped me.  Fortunately for my size layout one signature tree was sufficient - 'cause modeling them somewhat accurately is TIME CONSUMING.
For my model Sycamore I used stranded picture frame wire to make the basic structure (This technique has been written up many times over the years in the model press.) After I was content with the form I created I coated it with Liquitex Modeling Paste and Gesso.  I referred to my photos at every step including (of course) the final painting and addition of Poly Fiber & ground foam foliage

This tree is a signature model and as such you only need (depending on the size of your layout) to make one or two.  While the Sycamore may not grow in the area you model, Cottonwoods can be done using the same technique.

As for Sumac - STILL trying….

Regards to ALL,
Wayne Sittner


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