Universal Man

Many decades ago Weston had a figure they called, I believe, "Flexible Man" or something like that. I'm thinking this Preiser figure can be "Universal Man".
In Chapter 8 "The Gulliver Effect" covered how I alter figures for specific "needs" but, this little fellow wasn't so much altered as he was used for a variety of specific needs.  I think most of you saw when I used this guy as a man waving.  Many of the visitor groups even got to see him wave good-by via email after you left and returned home.  He was thanking you for your courtesy.
I've used the same figure to adjust the mirror on my trucks and now, with an easily made prop he hands up train orders.  I attached the "prop" with Elmer's so it can be removed easily when using the figure for other needs or to return him to the adjuster of truck mirrors.  And, yes I know I have to have the fireman reaching from the cab to retrieve said "orders". 
I kit-bashed a fireman to grab the orders.  I couldn't get the factory installed windows out of the CNJ F3 so I substituted another F3 to complete the scenario.

Happy creative modeling,
Wayne Sittner


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