Ken Karlewicz Op Session

 Staging yard getting ready for the op session.

Southbound with B&M power at Central Bridge waiting on a recrew.
Aaron's helper set in Cobleskill 

Northbound coming north down Richmondville hill into Cobleskill.
Action in Cobleskill...southbound passing the helpers on the team track and the local on the #2 main.

Cherry Valley job meets the Central Bridge local out of Mechanicville...they both have plenty of work to do in town!
The 5002 and 5005 working the team track in Cobleskill.

D&H 401 and 2 other C420s passing Cobleskill Coal headed to Mechanicville.

Thanks for the pictures Brad Peterson and the Great layout Ken Karlewicz

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DandHColonieMain said...

Ken's layout looks amazing!