Vermont Paper

I needed a new project away from the rest of the layout, Vermont Paper. It's a fictional space, modeled after the Finch papermill in Glens Falls, NY. Thinking about stuffing a papermill in a 2x 12 space took some planning. I wanted to reuse everything I could from my old layout, plus whatever is in my junk bins. I got a great deal on used code 83 # 5 switches off eBay, that was a start. I realized my original plan wasn't really going to work using what I had so I modified it.

Since I worked the 3 mills on the D&H, I realized what I needed for car space, and different products, and to able to switch. So I planned how many cars would fit where and what a typical inbound and outbound train would look like. I also modified the Walthers mill with a opening on both ends of the main paper dock to increase capacity and ease of switching.

A view of the new old parking lot....
Enjoy, Rob

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