Frank Adamec's Modern Railroading!!

On Thursday, November 9th we met at Frank's in Stillwater. Frank has a very large finished basement, that once was a living area. Now it's a living area for Frank's railroad. Frank's layout is a free-lanced modern era railroad using Saratoga, NY as a base. Frank likes the more modern era D&H/CP. You'll see an mix of GTI, CSX, NS and even B&M motive power. You can find from SD70's and AC4400's to BL-2's and steam in Frank's fleet. Frank uses Digitrax DCC to run the layout, some of the fleet even has sound too! With 90% of the trackwork is complete, Frank is focus on starting scenery, working on a free-lanced version of Saratoga, and a large paper mill.
Frank kitbashed a single track version of the Hudson River bridge in Mechanicville.

Frank and Bill Hickey check out the north/south staging yards.

The entrance into Frank's train room is this massive double-track bridge he scratch-built.

A shot of Saratoga Yard with Quad Graphics on the hill behind it.

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