CH's Alcos

Last week a few of us got together and visit Brad. Mr CH ( don't ask) brought a few reworked and prototypically correct Alco's. Above is "my" personal favorite. D&H engine RS-11 (DL-701) with dynamic brakes, number 5006. Why 5006? Becuause this is the engine I used to ride when I was a kid hanging around Mechanicville Yard. The afternoon yard crew would let me ride up in the cab once in a while. This is a reworked Like-Life Proto 1000....
Unit number 1976, RS3m was painted into a Red, White and Blue scheme to commemorate the Bicentennial in 1976. The loco was renumbered 1976, and returned to its original number 506. This Started as an Atlas RS-3 and was heavily modified.

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