From The Weekend...

Hey guys its been awhile. Here are two from the weekend. On Friday afternoon after just finishing lunch with the wife I was checking the computer in my office. I noticed a posting on the D&H Yahoogroup from Bill Kozel ( Thanks Bill!!) about a 2nd 252/6031 taking yarding for MOH. Hmmm “6031”, sound familiar. Then it dawned on me, hey that’s a SOO. I looked at the clock as saw that there was still some light left as we all know too well the days are getting shorter and colder. Figuring that the #252 crew would make quick work I B-Lined it out to Delanson. Upon arrival the signals at #499 were dark. Of in the distance down by Main Street in the Village there was a headlight which was #938 with three racks for Steve and Woody from the Park (SMS) to pick up in the Morning. So I waited and watched #938 make there move and then went back to check the signal at #499 again once #938 made there drop and returned back to there train. This time they were lit and the switch was lined for the Controlled Siding. At this point the light was getting low and I was running out of light so I decided to stay put in Delanson and would relocated myself over behind the Fire Department. After a good twenty minute wait the classic sound of EMD’s could be heard reverberating off the hills surrounding Delanson and Duanesburg and before I knew it the gates at Cole Road dropped and #252 emerged with not only a SOO leader but two ICE SD’s which has to be a first on the South End. Sadly for us guys on CP up here this same power set headed west on the Southern Tier on Saturdays 39T (Much to the chagrin of Ben Martin and his Wife D’Ann) and was not relayed back north on #253. Speaking of D’Ann she is an amazing photographer and is fastly putting all of us to shame but that is what happens when you have a good teacher such as Ben. Ben you need to have Railfan or somebody do an article on her as I am impressed with each email that I get. Speaking of Ben a tip of the hat to you and Ian for the H/U’s on Sunday’s Q620. Word has it the CSX has suspended plans to cease the CN interchange traffic on the St.Lawrence Sub. Let’s hope these trains continue to be seen for a little longer on both the Mohawk and Selkirk Branch. Here’s a shot of Sunday’s Q620 at CP-VO in Voorheesville. Take Care, Deano

Dean J. Splittgerber

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