Rainy Day - Jim Lafayette

I love a rainy day, I had 2 soccer games (grand kids) scheduled for 4:15, both are cancelled. I have a perfect excuse to sneak into the play room and enjoy my hobby.No matter how hard it rains out, it always dry on the Skene Valley Railroad.
Colonie Shop used to be where big things happened, now it's Skenesborough. (the Frazier is in the middle bay, she always gets a good cleaning and resupply after visiting other roads, so like her name sake, she is always ready for a road trip.) The (ex Reading) 302 is in the south bay while a pair of PAs sit on the north side. The 4078, still in VTR colors, sits on the Turntable lead.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town....

SVX-2 has backed the 4071, still in P&W colors, back over East Street while the crew sneaks across the street to the Silver Diner after having spotted some logs at the K-Mill. They sent the headman to Puck Catone's News Rooms to pick up the latest copy of Model Railroader, to see a little bit of Kip Grant's layout on page 80.

Fueling at the shop. the 7402 is in Reading garb.

Life is good.

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