SVRR Toys For Tots Train

Unlike CP Rail, the SVRR can't afford to run a special train for Toys for Tots, but they get the job done by tacking the Frazier, with the big guy himself aboard, onto the rear of the Milk Run.Here we see Conductor J.J. Keys of the Milk Run giving Santa some updates on the Naughty or Nice List as he loads with milk at Hollister's. Engineer Al Fish on the Milk will soon back onto the Frazier and tomorrow morning will visit American Legion Post 83 where the Wednesday Night Train Group will chip in the help with the toy distribution. It's getting crowded on the Frazier but Santa and Flagman Lafayette say the Twins are more then welcome on the platform.

American Legion Post 0083 on Main Street in Skenesborough.

Merry Christmas, Jim Lafayette

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