Rob And Gary At Work!

We return to Tunnel Road in Port Henry, New York tonight. Having been presented with news of CP train 643 coming north out of Albanys Kenwood Yard during the night behind SD 40-2 5972, it was too much of a coincidence to ignore. These christmas lights in the backyard of the Finnessey residence would only be here for a short time. To shoot an SD 40-2 passing by would be a nice christmas present eh? LOL! Well.......I thought so to, and made up a thermos of green tea before driving over to the free ferry crossing of Lake Champlain at Crown Point. Arriving on Tunnel Road, I was again in admiration of this scene. Even Mother Nature came through this year with snow for christmas. Due to their nature, christmas lights are difficult to discover as a prop for photos before they are taken down, never mind finding them trackside! Here in Port Henry was a wonderful opportunity. First train by was 930, which became a practice shot with its black and white NS leader. Forty five minutes or so later 930s crew was overheard on the scanner talking with a passing train at Fort Ticonderoga to my south, and when the crew acknowledged the talking equipment detector, it was 643! About a half hour away, the scene was set! After making the necessary adjustments to the lighting for a northbound train here, I stopped before I fiddled around too much, and retired to the civic to enjoy some green tea. Ha,ha,ha! Life is great at moments such as this. Being able to include trackside christmas lights is another appeal of shooting trains in motion at night. Five thirty passes as I maintain my vigil hovering around the tripod mounted camera, thinking any minute now.......... Then the moment manifests like a sequence in a dream. While I'm listerning for an air horn, the crossing signals go off at the nearby grade crossing. I'm looking southward, and see nothing! Then movement way off to the right, headlights moving in the dark, three of 'em. Over there? I think, taken aback at the railroads location having never shot northbounds here before. Then the headlights are turning towards me, an air horn blows for the crossing, and we're on. With engineer Rob Dennis at the throttle, 5972 emerges from behind the shed, gliding into position where a silent flash captures the moment. What a christmas card scene! With an SD 40-2 no less! Thanks for the great runby Rob! Shot in Port Henry, NY on Decemebr 24, 2010 at 05:33. Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed.

Merry Christmas!


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