Alco At Night?

It seemed like only a day or two ago, when I read the email from Cully informing me that Battenkill had repaired their less attractive RS-3 4116, (orange and black) and 605 would be shut down for a rest. So, with a good sized snowstorm arriving tomorrow, I had decided to let the Tuesday run go, and wait to shoot the Wed. run in fresh snow. Tuesday afternoon around 3 pm I discover a message on my answering machine........ its from Cully, the 605 is running today, and it will be going through Cambridge and Shushan after dark. I'm staring at the answering machine, I'm thinking, well, I have to go. How many chances will I get to shoot 605 at night? So I make up a thermos of tea, a couple sandwiches for breakfast somewhere, and head out. Two and a half hours later I'm in Cambridge, just in time to watch 605 pass by the station, in darkness! LOL! Oh the pain! Ha,ha,ha! I drove up to Shushan but did not have enough time to finish setting up before 605 came by. Then I headed into Greenwich, to shoot from a balcony on the backside of a house which overlooked the railroad. Arriving at the house, it looked abandoned! No lights on inside. I walked around to the back to find the balcony roof off and an overflowing trash container trackside below it! I was too late! The place was being dismantled. While I could still enjoy the elevation from the second story balcony, who wanted to look at a trash container with an RS-3 passing behind it? After scouting around the neighborhood, it became obvious, I had to try looking at the bridge again. I liked this angle, shot from down low. The junkyard underneath the bridge is hidden. And that paint scheme is outrageous! What a glamorous ALCO! Thanks for the heads up Cully. Shot on January 11, 2011 at 20:45 in Greenwich, NY. Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed.

All The Best In 2011;


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