Mine site clutter: You can never have enough!

The image of a Euclid passing the old shaft housing at Jeddo #7 8-86 and the desolation at the Huber with the struggling birches in 4-81. Now 30 years later, that area is an absolute forest. Reaching back to the subject of "Iceberg 13", I found another box car used for stores at the Blaschak breaker in 8-86.
I haven't done a chaper of my "Inch At A Time" series on extreme layout detailing since #9 in November. I've got a few hundred more pieces of "junk" made up and ready to add to the mining areas on the layout. Once I get them in place I may do #10.
As for Chuck's book: When doing the layout and captions he often described the pictures as "bottom of the birdcage", colorful terms but, while I photographed many of the areas myself there were a lot of earlier photographers that were out there trespassing too. There are quite a few great images going back to the late 40's and 50's, many of the which I consider priceless. Thanks for putting them in one place for us Chuck.

Hope you enjoy,

Wayne Sittner

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