D&H In Fort Edward

We return to the station in Fort Edward, NY tonight for the encore appearance of D&H 7303 & 7304 returning northward from Saratoga, NY. I had just enough time to celebrate my photo earlier of the southbound move with 7304 leading, with a cup of tea, before I went back out from the car to move the step ladder, light stands and flash units across the street to the east side of the station. In all maybe one hour and a half had passed. Then test shots of the station and tweaking the lighting some more. The signals are out of sight behind me here, hidden by trees and brush, so I did not know D47 was headed back my way until I heard a single blast of 7303s air horn! They sounded like they were coming down Ganesvort Hill nearby!
As this was Saturday morning early, I was hoping they had not changed locomotives, as what engines they had returning tonight would likely work into the next week on the job as D47 does not “normally” work weekends. My plan was if D47 kept the two D&H engines for power was to invite Greg Klingler out again next week to pose for me.  It is quiet enough to allow me to hear the hollow low pitched rumble as D47 crosses the two open deck bridges across the Hudson River, onto and off from Rogers Island. With no grade crossings in between to give their presence away, the only indication a train is coming is the headlight glow above the tree line. Then the grade crossing signals activate, D47s engineer starts blowing for the crossing just below the station and around the curve comes a mass of headlights in the darkness.
It is not until the lead engines pilot plow passes my mark and the flash lighting reflects back that I am relieved to see Champlain Blue! Whoa! 7303 & 7304 are still together into next week! There will still be a chance to get together with Greg next week perhaps! Not that this photo is that bad! Here is 7303 leading, getting her turn for adoration! LOL! Afterward I am full of gratitude to CP for combining the last two D&H painted engines on the roster. Still in my neck of the woods and operating at night! Shot in Fort Edward, NY on December 5, 2015 at 03:38. Please enjoy! Comments are welcomed. Special thanks to Gordy Smith for the heads up!
Gary Knapp

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