"Inch At A Time"- Chapter 25 Birch Trees

While clearing out last years dead growth from the gardens - I noticed the "Butterfly Bush" flowers had possible uses as tree structures, in particular, birch trees.

Since I, and some others of you, model the anthracite area (NEPA) We NEED birches as background, middleground and foreground models.  I did come up with a way of modeling the middle ground trees (photo 3) a few years ago but, until now, hadn't come up with a way to make foreground models.  The butterfly bush flowers looked like they had possibilities. (The distant trees are painted on the back drop.)

You'll notice in photo 1 (taken in Lansdale, PA) and photo 2 (my back yard) that unlike oaks, maples and other deciduous trees birches are thin bottom to top.  This is a plus since it's not necessary to add thickness as you would, say, to "super trees".  I simply cleaned off the flowers, painted the trunk and branches white, added Polyfiber very sparingly and, after a dose of (cheap) hairspray, added some ground foam foliage.  I painted the black markings on the trunks afterward.

Enjoy, Wayne Sittner

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