“Modeling a sense of place”

An important milestone  was reached on July 26, when my layout upstairs turned two years old.. Don and I met the week after, for work session #42, which brings our work time together to ( 84 )- ten hour days on the layout. Our work schedule originally called for the installation of new  “ fill “ track lighting above Central Bridge and Cherry Valley ( now discontinued at Lowe’s and Home Depot we sadly learned ) so  we moved  to  plan B.
Cherry Valley, which had been the workbench during most of the layout construction, has slowly been coming to life over the past few months, so we decided to extend the riverbed along this area 

Rip Rap was added to areas prone to erosion and we also made a trip to a
local site, to collect the appropriate “boulders” for this purpose. 

Structures above are by Rich Cobb and the 502 was done by Bob Harpe  

The overpass at Frog Hollow was also raised and now allows for TOFC and Allagash woodchip cars. While removed, styrene curbs and gussets were  carved, painted and weathered, then added along the roadway  area of the bridge, which really makes a big difference.

Down in Cherry Valley,there will be a few houses situated on a small hill near the freight house, whose backyards will face the yard.

There is lots more to do down the road of course, but here
is where we are at the two year mark!

Hard to believe but my story

“Modeling a sense of place” will be the cover story in MRP 2019!!

Hope you guys  are all having a great summer!!

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