Ken Karlewicz February 2019 Layout Update

After buying some  wonderful new scenery products from Scenic Express at the Springfield show this month, I’ve spent  much of the past  couple of weeks planting and detailing the Cherry Valley area of my layout. I have been working with materials from the Martin Welberg line, and have been astounded by how beautiful this material really is!! I will let the images convey what is so special about all of these wonderful textures. The  coal dealer at Buesing’s Bridge  still needs a bit  more weathering in order to make it look truly abandoned, but I plan to have vines growing up the sides, rust added to the chutes, and the remains of an auger pit  added as well.

The stream still needs to be finished, but I’ve been working on the foliage along the embankments as thing move down the branch.
This scene was inspired by the Battenkill Railroad AKA, the D&H Washington Branch.
Real sifted cinders were used on the line (above and below) and the late summer landscape takes form across the valley and up into the hills.

Many varieties of flowering plants were combined with grasses and shrub like textures along the embankments.

 A newly planted field is seen  above as we round the curve into Cobleskill.

The scenery creeps down into Cherry Valley  above ,while also expanding across Richmondville  and into Cobleskill below.

All scenes are  still developing and under construction, but progress moves along with a huge boost from Scenic Express and the new Martin Welberg line!

Happy Day to all 🙏🏻

Ken Karlewicz


DandHColonieMain said...

That looks great Ken!

Jen Smith said...

I must say, your layout is one of the best layouts I have ever seen. Your video, sense of place was fantastic!