What Can I Get For $5?

I'm really a plastic kit builder. I kitbash, save every extra part from every kit I've ever build. I used to build them for others and sometimes build to sell them, especially when I didn't have a layout. So working with plastic is my gig. I spend time at shows looking for old kits of my youth, Revell, Tyco, Like-Like, AHM, etc...buy them cheap, build them quick. I needed a quick and easy back round  on my layout. I spent $5 on this Tyco, truck terminal. Pola actually made this kit for Tyco so it looks very European. First thing I had to do is get rid of that weird looking roof. I found sheets of Kibri "metal roofing" I bought years ago at a hobby shop closeout for 50 cents. Measured it up and cut it up. The sheeting actually came with the roof cap which is really nice. The building is molded stone which doesn't make sense for modern building, so I painted it dark grey to hide the stone look. These doors on the building are meant to operate, but not realistically at all so glue them shut! The steps are new from another kit and I will add scale handrails.

I weathered it up, took about 8 hours of total work and ready for the layout! This will hide in the back and do its job!

Rob D


DandHColonieMain said...

While scratchbuilding can be a lot of fun, there is a simple pleasure it taking a kit out of the box and not having to think through every little cut and joint. Simply put part A into slot B, add some glue, and off you go. Paint, details, some kitbashing... all can make the kits your own. But having something finished at the end of a weekend (as opposed to a month or more) is really satisfying.

Rob D said...

I have tubs full of parts from old kits, it can almost like be scratching building sometimes, thanks for the comment!