July Train Day

Me and Timothy Towle working on grading the roadbed at Meghans crossing.

The short bridge all decked and ready to be installed. We just need to sink some pilings and retaining walls.

Rick Towle, his son Timothy and Bill Bibby visiting at the end of track. We got a few more feet of track built a little later when Bill asked how I go about getting the rail to curve, how I get the right gauge, how I figure tie spacing and how to line up the ties crosswise.

Leased GE 70 ton switcher (temp SAR #1) in the Mechanicville engine terminal before heading to the Round Lake Paper Mill to work as a plant switcher.

B&M 309 working the north end of Mechanicville yard with 37 coming up the main to DB cabin.

MBTA 1012 pullung #37 the Adirondack through XO.

Enjoy, Brad Peterson

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