Nielsen Ready Mix

The prototype for my next addition to the layout: The ruins of the Nielsen Ready Mix Concrete plant. (Kingston/Town of Ulster, NY) I remember when this was a going concern but, that had to be over 30 years ago. It was neat then but, still picturesque. I real challenge to model in this state. I've done the drawings and have started to cast plaster sections for the walls. (ten pieces per pour in three sizes) It seemed a logical modeling technique since the original buildings followed that construction approach using form cast concrete. Getting the colors, the staining, overburden and overgrowth is intimidating.

It actually took a couple days to assenble the 45 to 50 castings I made. I couldn't help thinking it was like building with one of the block sets I had in my childhood. All came out OK and today I got an initial coating of acrylic stain mixed and worked in. Next come the styrene details I want to add and the work on the setting. I'm feeling pretty confident now that it will turn out.

The old trailer started as a CMW. I altered it to look like one that was used for storage at a quarry I frequent when visiting in CO. Figured it'd be a nice scenic accessory at the concrete plant.

I got the area of the bins finished for scenery. I made it removable from the layour but, it blends in well. There are still a lot of details in sah-reen mthat need to be added to the other section. No question anymore about whether I'm modeling it as a ruin. For those who were corious about the plastaar castings I made, here are a few leftovers. The sizes I made were: 6X20X2', 7X20X2' and 7X25X2' (HO).

Thanks for bearing with me and sharing your comments throughout this project. Living in "Waterworld" for the past few days gave me the time and inclination to paint and install the background. Because the area around the plant was so overgrown when I was researching, I couldn't get any overall shots of the setting. The background is done from memory but, I assure you, it's pretty close.

Have a great weekend,
Wayne Sittner

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