A Trip Down I-88 Part One

I find myself driving up and down I-88 often. Heck I live off of it. And every time I do I always learn or see something new. Attached are some JPEGS of Stations and Railroad Related buildings that still can be found. Railroad buildings along the D&H are becoming a rare species and every year more and more disappear. CP has been flushing itself system wide of anything that can be taxed and is not considered necessary. And since 2008 the pace has increased. Especially for anything built during the 1860's. You can be guaranteed that if a town located along the railroad has obsolete building located there and any increase in Property Taxes occurs it toast! Anyways since the Unnecessary Destruction of the Central Bridge Freight House in 2008 I have started to pay more of an attention to older structures. A lot more that I did in the past as I took everything for granted. I'm still upset that CP destroyed an 1860's A&S freight house one that was very historical and still in great shape. But hey they need to save money to pay for the "Men's Club and Golf club Memberships" up in Calgary for Upper Management! Anyways most of these structures you see are privately owned. Some are in still great shape and some are not. I really love to walk around them when access permits and study there details and think about all the history these grand old structures have witnessed. From the 4-4-0 to the modern day junk wagons that CP and NS employ. To the generations who have lived around or toiled inside of them. From the Horse and Buggy to the Model T to the Chain Drive Mack A/C. From Bi-Planes, DC3's to the Modern Day Boeing and Airbus Products its amazing the changes that have occurred since they were built. Enjoy the pics guys and if you would love to see the Historical version of these images I would recommend picking up a copy of John Taibi's new book Road, Rivers and Rails Vol #1 Oneonta to Albany. Vol #2 is coming out next year. The book is Chock full of Historical images including some of the buildings seen in this email during better times in there lives on the RR.

Dean J. Splittgerber
Duanesburg, NY

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