"Iceberg" Chap 13A

Translating an idea from the prototype into a model.
For those of you who are model railroaders this is a cheap and simple addition to your yard scene. I included a couple photos of the prototypes that got this idea started for me. The 40' steel box car resided in the D&H Hudson, PA yard. I took the slide in 1982. This was shortly before the yard closed and operations moved north to Taylor, PA. The model is made from an old Train Miniature kit. The prototype idea for my wooden car came from seeing this image of the M&U car in Middletown circa 1950. (the slide is not mine. It came from a folio I recieved in an email) It resided south of the present M&NJ engine house in Middletown. My model represents what may have appeared in a Lehigh Valley setting. I don't know the manufacturer of the model I used. I got it unboxed at a train show.
I did not include cars from two eras just for show. I have a modest sized layout. To increase my enjoyment, I'm set up to change out as many as three eras in the same space. In addition to railroad equipment and vehicles I have to switch out quite a few buildings. The two box cars, having the same footprint, make the change easy.

Interested in the idea? As said, the re-purposed box cars or containers are simple to model. Want more of a challenge? Try a model of the D&H passenger car from Oneonta that Kip Grant included in his response to Chapter 12.

Hope you enjoy,
Wayne Sittner

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