Got up early today, in hopes of catching the southbound sleeper as she went through Munns. Here she is with the 5023 on the point rounding Hooper's Curve up behind the old feed plant.
 I caught her again passing the cemetery
I had to move quick to get her pulling into the station
It was a little easier after she stopped.  Soko was the Conductor while Short Pants Longtin was the Engineer.
Earlier this week I had some guests at the SVRR.
Bill Rooke and Fred Gemmill, from the Plattsburg area were under the watchful eye of the Yardmaster.  Bill was doing the Lower Jct Job while Fred switched the K Mill.
I could have used the Yardmaster's help with Sammy.  he is being tutored this summer by my daughter.  She wanted him to see the SVRR.  He has quick hands when it comes to small HO parts.

Jim Lafayette

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